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>Facebook’s Find Friends feature is a little disconcerting.  Whatever algorithm or calculation it is that takes the information I’ve input as well as those who I’ve deemed as “friends” just blows my mind and creeps me out.  Of course, 90% of the time, the suggestions are bizarre.  Just because my sister and her friends know someone doesn’t mean that I know them.

It’s weird to see people you know, but who don’t know each other be mutual friends with a whole other person. Talk about a visual six degrees of separation.  It probably helps that I pretty much have spent my whole life in the same area.  It’s easier to have mutual acquaintances be mutually acquainted with a mutual acquaintance and not each other.

I haven’t added any new friends in a while.  Then again, I haven’t really been looking for them either.  Looking at these possible friends suggested by Facebook, it reminds me that I didn’t know that many people in high school.  Seriously, I wonder if some of these people really did go to my high school and how the hell do four of my friends know this one chick and I can’t even remember seeing her in the halls once?

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