>Now Who Are You Talking To?

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>Judge Judy was on TV this afternoon when I came home.  Normally, I change the channel as fast as possible, but I was busy trying to stop sweating, so the “case” on TV caught my eye for a moment. 

There was some dumb teenager (DT#1) who gave his cell phone to another dumb teenager (DT#2).  DT#2 apparently had DT#1’s phone for a whole month before DT#1’s dad noticed that his son’s cell was missing.  It was at that time that DT#1’s dad also got a cell phone bill with over 7,000 minutes racked up on it.  Of course DT#1’s dad tried to sue DT#2’s mom for theft and repayment of the minutes.

Almost 5 days straight of talking on the phone.  I can’t even imagine talking to someone in person for that long, much less on a phone.  Clearly DT#2 is one of these chicks who takes her phone into the bathroom with her.  117 hours of chatting is quite a chunk of your free time. And what could she possibly be talking about?  She was only 14 years old, so there’s no way she could be THAT interesting. 

3 thoughts on “>Now Who Are You Talking To?

  1. Miss M

    >Oh, lordy. You have forgotten what it's like to be 14. As a big sister of a 14 year-old, I have no trouble at all imagining her talking non-stop to a cute boy for 5 days straight while talking hypothetically about their perfect future and arguing over who should hang up the phone first when exhaustion finally sets in. It's just nuts.

  2. SFChick74

    >Thank you, Steve.

    M – LOL! I'm pretty sure I wasn't your typical 14 year old.

    In fact, I've never had an argument with a guy about who should hang up first. And talking about the future? Doesn't that just frighten all males off?


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