>Instructional media AKA nap time

>Do you remember watching filmstrips in class? For those who read my blog and are under 35 years old, filmstrips weren’t quite movies.  They showed still images in succession at a very slow rate while a recording narrated. 

Someone usually had to turn a knob to make the filmstrip move from picture to picture.  The recording would “boop” when the film was supposed to be flipped to the next frame.  I remember getting so pissed at the kid in charge of moving the film.  They were always slow, but I never wanted the stress of turning the knob. 

Eventually, we had automatic filmstrips.  It was good comedy when the film and the sound were out of sync.

For some reason, I only seem to recall watching filmstrips either about science or safety.  It didn’t really matter because a filmstrip meant taking a mental break, sitting in the dark, trying not to fall asleep.

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