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I don’t do instant message.  Well, it’s just that I’m not very good at it.

Mostly, I just never know how or when to stop the chat.  My nature is a talkative one, so I tend to go on beyond accepted levels of communication duration.  I know I can use some dumb excuse to say, “Oh I gotta run”, but being that I enjoy chatting, I never use it or I feel guilty for lying because let’s face it, I’ve really got nothing else to do.

Combine the anxiety of not knowing “when to say when” with the weirdos online and you know I don’t normally turn on the IM on the dating sites.  I know I should because I tend to get some random one liners thrown my way.

Do the kids still use the IM?  It seems so 1999.  Maybe I’m confusing IM with chat rooms.  No one has those anymore, right?

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