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A series of tubes?

As sad as this is to admit, having access to the internet is a substitution for interacting with people in real life.  Well, maybe it’s not so much a substitution as it is a supplement.  If I had a boyfriend or husband, my use of the internet would plummet.  Why talk to interesting complete strangers when there’s a guy in my house?

The reality of it is that when the honeymoon phase was over, my usage would pick back up a bit. Or I’m just full of crap and it won’t change at all. For example, the other day I was visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year when I noticed that both of us were on our iPhones at the same time!  Neither one of us was talking to each other, but instead were playing some mindless game or reading a post on Facebook.  Maybe I need rehab for internet addiction?  Or maybe I just need to put down the freaking iPhone and talk to the person in the room.

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