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>While on a road trip to the southland this past weekend, I decided to check in on Foursquare to see if I could earn any stinking badges.  What I did find is that boredom seems to spur creativity for some people.  Take a look at the actual places available for check-ins:

  • Nasty smelling cows on the I-5
  • Middle of friggin’ nowhere
  • This is a boat…really
  • Jose soccer practice
  • Mama G’s Party Spot
  • My Room 🙂
  • Pepe’s Stinky Love Shack
  • Da folks
  • Troll Under Overpass
  • Field of Fire
  • Cowschwitz
  • Fun Drunk House
  • Cat In The Hat Tower on i-5
  • Dr Seuss Hat
  • Toot it and boot it on 5s
  • Driving
  • Get Down On It
  • Cowsh!t Smell
  • Move Bitch Get Out The Way I-5
  • Horrible poop Smell
  • Shitville Usa
  • Stuck In The Mud With The Cops!…
  • WTF Is That Smell?
  • ‘Cow’alinga
  • Dodge Neon Dance Party
  • The Side of I-5 That Jason Lit On…
  • There
  • Here
  • Still on the I-5…
  • The Creepy Nut Shack
  • U-Haul Dance Party
  • Zombie Sheep Herd!
  • Another F’n Traffic Jam
  • The Point My Ass Is Tired

I am proud that I was only one day away from becoming the Mayor of the Middle of Nowhere.  Of course, I forgot to check in again when I was heading north on Interstate 5.

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  1. Ms. Chick

    >LOL! There's nothing that creative in my neighborhood. I'm tempted to visit various places just to mark something random.


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