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>I think everyone has a dysfunctional relationship with technology.  Not all technology, just PCs.  We put up with too much crap when it is unnecessary.  How many times a day does a program on your computer freeze up and crash? Internet Explorer pitches a fit if I click through a link and don’t wait for it to load.  I’m pretty sure Microsoft doesn’t read those error reports we all send.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an Outlook rule set to put all those messages right into the trash.

God forbid I should want to have more than one program running at a time.  Not to mention switching windows faster than a snail’s pace.  And somehow the damn thing gets a virus!  What the hell?  Has the CPU been visiting less than honorable websites when I’m not at the office? And I’m not that thrilled with the newest version of Google.  Instantly pissing me off is more like it…stop trying to guess what I need to search! 

Also, why in the hell is a restart the answer to 90% of all problems on a PC?  How about working correctly instead?  Something else I recently noticed about computers…the people who supposedly know how to fix/run the suckers say, “I hope it works now,” quite a bit.  Am I wrong or didn’t science create computers?  It would be one thing if an artist created a computer as an esoteric idea subject to changes in perspective or something, but isn’t it all 1s and 0s?  Isn’t it formulas?  Isn’t there a concrete answer?

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