Goodbye, Sacramento. Hello, Minnesota

The past two weeks I have been experiencing a lot of endings. Today I am unemployed. Work is over until I can find a new job or a new job finds me. I’m OK with this because I need a little break. Yes, it’s slightly worrisome, but I have a lot of beginnings to focus on now.

Well, I have a few more endings…a last meeting of the minds with some friends, one last family dinner on Sunday until the holidays or so. But, they will also be beginnings in a sense. My friends and some of my family will meet Paul. Yes, he’s real…oh so very real! Sorry, I started to swoon there for a bit, but can you blame me? He’s the most romantic person I’ve ever known.

Anyway, I’m trying not to fret about our upcoming road trip to Minnesota. Did I mention we are driving out there? We leave on Monday and four days and three nights later we will be beginning our lives together in the Twin Cities. We just have to make it through the snow and rain first. Correction, my car has to make it through the possible freezing temperatures first. The nice thing is that I won’t be alone in this endeavor. I’m not used to having someone there to support me, to help me, to share the burden. Mautomobile, vintagey family is very supportive, but it’s not the same. I feel guilty when I have to rely on them for something, like I’m not behaving like an adult.

Regardless, I want to enjoy my time in the car with Paul. We will get to listen to tons of music. Talk about how boring the scenery is in Nevada. Tell stories from our pasts. Make each other laugh. Plan for the future. How many couples get to spend that much time alone together at their leisure? Seriously, all we have to do is get to the next hotel.

One nice thing, a friend of mine from high school lives in Wyoming and has graciously offered to put us up for the night. It will be great to be able to visit with her and take a break from the road for a bit. And guess what folks? That all happened due to social media.

A clotheshorse I am not

space bag, clothing, packingThis week I face the daunting task of sorting through every article of clothing I own and deciding its fate.  Granted, this will not be as painful as it would have been six months ago since I have purged quite a bit, but it’s still not that much fun.

Actually, it is and it isn’t.  It’s nice to throw out things you don’t need.  It’s nice to lighten the load and make way for new things.  It’s just a little boring and tedious.  Plus, there’s a psychological game I play when trying to decide if I want to keep something or not.

Here is the mental checklist in my head:

  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Would I possibly wear it in the next year?
  • Does it fit?
  • Did it ever fit?
  • Do I even like it?

I’m tired of the “if I lose 10 pounds I might fit into it” game.  I never win it.

Also, since I’m moving to a completely different climate, I have to take the shorter summer into account.  I’m so looking forward to that.  Six months of heat was never fun for me.  Also, here it’s in the 80s.  There it’s maybe in the 50s right now.

So, how am I going to cart every article of clothing I own inside my Beetle?  Easy.  I’m putting most of it in Space Bags and sucking out the air.  I don’t care if they get wrinkled.  Most of the stuff I won’t wear right away. I’m just packing a week’s worth of clothing in a small suitcase.

You know what would be great?  If I gave away more clothes than I am taking with me.  It’s amazing how I can rationalize keeping a blouse that doesn’t fit anymore or a pair of cropped pants that I haven’t worn in 3 years.

Luckily, shoes shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m a little hard on shoes so they tend to wear out after a couple of years.  The only issue will be not taking the shoeboxes.  In an effort to stay organized, I like to keep all of my footwear in the boxes they came in. Part of me thinks it also helps keep the shoes from getting worn out too fast. Lugging all of my shoes in a big garbage bag will be a little annoying, but I’ll get over it.  Being able to fit everything I need in my car is more important than a shoebox.