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Why did you move to Minnesota?

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Pretty much everyone who is from Minnesota asks me that question when they realize I’m not a local, but also from California. While it might seem like an innocuous question, the manner in which it is delivered is always the same…shock and confusion.  It’s as if this state is some sort of sci-fi prison planet to those who have been… Read more »

Random thoughts on driving in Minnesota

First of all, filling potholes doesn’t really help the situation.  I’m looking at you Saint Paul and Minneapolis! Fix the damn road before it crumbles beneath us all.  I see road construction everywhere, except where it’s BADLY needed, Minnesota. Then again, I can only imagine the poor condition of said roads…mostly because they are CLOSED. I swear I need a… Read more »

Wine Online

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It’s no secret that I love wine. Now that I’m living in Minnesota, I realize that I took California and it’s awesome wine for granted. It was easily available everywhere.  OK, not everywhere, but it was more accessible. I just had to drive down to the grocery store to grab a cheap bottle for the night or I could take… Read more »

Minnesota: Signs that Confuse Me

One day when I was at the Mall of America, I saw this sign about not bringing guns into said shopping center: My initial reaction was one of “well duh!”  Then when I saw the sign at a few other places including the Minnesota Children’s Museum, I began to wonder what specifically would cause so many businesses to put such… Read more »

Minnesota: What Gives?

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Minnesota, I’ve noticed something lately.  You don’t have helmet laws with regards to motorcycles.  It’s odd to see men with naked heads riding around on Harleys and various other makes of “hog” if you will. I mention men because I haven’t seen any women driving around without helmets. Regardless, while I’ve never been a fan of “nanny” laws that force… Read more »

Please explain yourself, Minnesota

Today we were shopping for groceries when Paul noticed this display of fireworks in the middle of the store.  Yes, I said FIREWORKS. At first when I was looking at them, I had my California sensibilities in mind.  I thought they were mostly those harmless party popper and those little loud snap-it/pop-it white things. Upon further inspection, I realized these… Read more »

Wild Walleye: Minnesota Starts Fishing

Apparently, people will be up late tonight…not because a movie is premiering, not because they’re getting lucky, but because they are catching a fish.  And no, that’s not a euphemism. I’m told that offices will be near empty tomorrow.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  I love it when offices are empty even when I don’t have many responsibilities… Read more »