>Boycotting the Oakland Raiders

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>That’s it! I’ve had it with their crappy ass playing. It’s embarrassing! How do any of those men call themselves profession football players? I’ve seen powder puff football games with better offensive lines.

Until those jackasses improve their statistics, no one should buy any more Oakland Raider products or tickets. Not that anyone has been buying tickets, but that’s not the point!

Maybe if the team spent more time practicing and less time getting tattoos, they might win a game or two! I mean what the hell is going on? Is the entire team on drugs or something? How can they be so freaking bad?!?

Lane Kiffin, I wouldn’t blame you if you quit. The stress of dealing with idiots on a regular basis can’t be good for your health.

You know it’s bad because I actually considered becoming a 49er fan while watching tonight’s game. I just might do it if those dumbasses on the Raiders don’t get their acts together soon.

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