>Again, I’ve been saying this for years…

>New England Patriots cheating scandal aside, I’ve been saying for years that it seems really easy to manipulate or rig professional sports like football and basketball. All you have to do is get a ref to see the numerous fouls and penalties in the game and call them on one team more than another. I’ve always said that you could call a holding penalty on every single play in a pro football game if you actually wanted to and would not be making anything up, but I digress.

Looks like I was right, at least according to that NBA ref who got caught. Granted, he’s not exactly the most trustworthy witness.

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1 thought on “>Again, I’ve been saying this for years…

  1. ajooja

    >The NBA is really selling it that this guy isn’t a credible witness but there’s got to be something to it.


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