What is Prize Candle?

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Is it a candle given as a prize? No. Prize Candle is an aromatherapy candle with a prize inside it.  Remember when you were a kid and prizes came in cereal boxes?  This is way better.

You burn your soy scented candle until the prize (a ring valued between $5 – $5,000) becomes visible. Snuff out the candle and wait a few moments for the wax to cool down a bit. You then remove the prize pouch with a pair of tweezers.

Each ring comes with a code.  You can then get an instant appraisal at the Prize Candle website.

They have some great scents like Sweet Citrus and Provence Lavender. Plus, it’s a unique gift.  Many women love having candles in their homes to enhance the feel with a soothing scent.  How many of us get a gift with another one hidden inside? It brings out your inner child…a little bit.

You can see different rings women have found in their Prize Candles in the Prize Gallery.  They also have candles with Happy Birthday, Congrats, or a few other sentiments.  These all natural soy wax candles burn for about 40 hours.

What do you think? Would you like to get a Prize Candle as a gift?  Or maybe a new piece of decor for your home?

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by Prize Candle.

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