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>I read in article somewhere the other day (I can’t find it) about Save Mart Supermarkets laying people off. 

What the hell?  They cannot be losing money.  Maybe it’s just my timing, but every time I go into a supermarket (any one) it’s busy.  The break room in my office is always at capacity during lunch.   Folks are forgoing the luxury of dinner out, so what gives?  People gotta eat, right?

It seems that something else is going on other than just a lower volume of sales, which is what I assume when I hear about a company laying folks off.  My unfounded theories are that either the corporation is being horribly mismanaged or someone is full of crap.   And by full of crap, I mean skimming off the top or making it seem like the grocery stores are struggling due to some byzantine financial reason that ultimately has to do with a stock price of some sort. 

The last time I went into a Save Mart the aisles looked like the Soviets had taken over.  Giant gaping holes were everywhere in the displays.  So either they are not paying their vendors, which feeds into the completely unsubstantiated theory of creating an air of struggle or they are doing so well they can’t keep items on the shelves very long. 

Either way, I really hate hearing about people losing their jobs.

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