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>Election Day is here again.  I know I should have researched this a month ago, but what happens if the majority of the people vote “No” for those running for California Supreme Court Justices?  My guess is whoever ends up being Governor appoints someone to fill the vacancy.

I feel like the choices I made for these random municipal jobs like Community College Trustee and Sacramento City Unified School District Board Member are a little more informed than in previous years.  Of course, the internet was most helpful.  I figure if a candidate doesn’t even bother to have a website talking about their position on the issues, I’m not voting for him or her.

In years past, trying to figure out who to vote for in the great Harbor District Commissioner race of 1999 wasn’t easy because most of the candidates didn’t have any information on the web much less a page dedicated to espousing their points of view or which member of the Chamber of Commerce supported them.

Oh and I know this is probably not the best reason to make a decision about a candidate, but when I Googled “Scott Jones for Sheriff”, the top results were about him holding an election night celebration.   Who said you are going to win, bucko?

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