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While I enjoy cocktails with clever names, when I’m out at a restaurant I get overwhelmed by the possibilities on most drink menus.  During my latest excursions, I found myself ordering sangria time and again.  My favorite type is white sangria.  For those who don’t know, basically it’s sangria made with white wine.

My sister made the best one I’ve ever had.  Of course, she tweaked it as most people do who enjoy cooking, so even though this is where you can find the recipe (I think she added Martinelli’s apple grape) I really can’t tell you what she did to make it so delicious because I just don’t know.

Anyway, so far I’ve tried three different sangrias (or is sangria the plural?) locally, both red & white wine.

In May, I went to Tapa the World on J Street.  Good stuff, very strong, mildly fruity and sweet. We ordered a pitcher which was definitely more than enough for two people.

A week or two ago, I went to El Patron on Folsom Blvd and had the white wine version.  Served in a giant goblet, quite yummy, not too sweet, decent wine flavor.

Yesterday, it was the new Casa Ramos in Folsom and another giant goblet stuffed full of ice.  Tasted like fruit juice, very little noticeable wine.

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