>Someone Explain This Budget Stuff

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>For DECADES California’s budget has been jacked up.  It’s almost never on time and always unbalanced.

Regardless, what I don’t understand is this furlough business.  Remember when furloughs were just for prisoners?

Who told the Governator that furloughs were a good idea?  Through most of our state’s recent history, the budget has been chaotic, so why furloughs now?  (Or why since 2009, I suppose)

How much state money has Arnold spent fighting for this option to save money in the state budget?

Here’s a dumb idea: How about using some of those ass kicking skills in your action movies to get the various elected representatives to stick around Sacramento and get the budget done?  Or better yet, have those folks who help you make various decisions (I think they are called aides) actually come up with an idea that works.

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