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>I am curious as to why he was booked on the Colbert Report. The booking took place before the election. What if he’d lost? What would he be on there to promote? St.Hope? I have a problem with charter schools. God forbid we should just repair the public school system. No, let’s just abandon it for private schools parading around as public schools.

Also, who really cares about Sacramento outside of California and maybe Nevada? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this city, but if you asked me about another state capital like Richmond, Virgina for example, I probably couldn’t even place it on a map of that commonwealth.

Don’t get me started on the “inauguration” I read about in today’s Sacramento Bee. Is some giant party really necessary when we can’t even pay for a police force?

2 thoughts on “>Sacramento Mayor – Kevin Johnson

  1. ajooja

    >KJ should pay for the party himself. He’s got money.

    I always liked him as a NBA player but I have no idea how he’ll do as mayor.

    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t he one of those Bible thumpers who cheated on his wife? I could be totally wrong but I remember some kind of dirt.


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