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I don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the country, but the two Targets I frequent in Sacramento are both under construction and it’s annoying as hell.

Before said construction began, I knew the layout of both Targets like I knew the Catholic Mass when I bothered to attend church.  I could walk through each successfully without a thought about what was going on.  I could resist the temptation to browse if I chose.

Now, everything is in upheaval.  I think the Natomas Target might finally be done with its improvement work.  From my last foray, I believe I recall the new produce section.  Still, they rearranged the placement of a few key aisles, so now I have to relearn the whole shebang. 

The Target on Fulton is still a freaking nightmare.  Is it just me, or is half the stock missing?  I wanted a cheap pair of shoes for work and found the aisles moved to the underwear location.  Only two of the new shorter aisles were for women.

And what was the person (or people) in charge of the facility smoking when they arranged these temporary aisles?  If a lawyer type strolled through the store, s/he would find a veritable gold mine of ADA violations.  I can barely walk down some aisles without a cart.  There is no way they are wheelchair accessible by any stretch of the imagination.

2 thoughts on “>Missed the Target

  1. Ann

    >I usually go to the Fulton one but haven't been in since they started the remodel. I think they are turning it into a super target? Getting rid of the garden section and putting in groceries? Not sure but I do know I won't be buying groceries there. I hope they don't remove the cool stuff for food.

  2. SFChick74

    >Yeah, I'm thinking the grocery idea isn't a very good one, but who knows.

    I won't be going to Target with the intent to buy my groceries either. The groceries will be more of an afterthought for me, "Oh yeah, I need some milk and butter."

    I think I saw a sign that said the produce would be available July 22. Whether or not the construction will be done then is anyone's guess.


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