>Just in case you were wondering…

>This is the trial I almost had to sit on as a jurist. I would have been a bad choice for the jury because I felt they were guilty and wouldn’t be able to give them a fair trial.

This part we didn’t hear about in the pre-trial questioning:

Halford and Hernandez had moved in as house guests of Danny Hughes, the former drummer in the Steve Miller Band and six-time California State Fair cookie baking champion, who was having trouble with a local street person.

The lawyers never asked, “Is anyone a fan of the Steve Miller Band or considered themselves a Space Cowboy?”

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  1. kllewis

    >My name is Kenny Lee Lewis and I am actually a member of The Steve Miller Band for over 27 years. Go check the website http://www.stevemillerband.com. I've never heard of this guy Danny Hughes. I think 'ol Danny is pulling everyone's leg. Danny come forth and claim your references my man, or forever be silenced by my challenge. I grew up in Sacto and used to deliver the Bee. You besmirch the good reporting of Bee writers and have hoodwinked both the article author and the readers. Name the record or tour you did. I will check the facts with The Joker himself this weekend. Prove your claim and I will acquiesce.

  2. SFChick74


    Thanks for the comment. It reminds me of that episode of Donahue about Peter Criss being a homeless guy, when it turned out it was all a hoax.


    Like I said, when I was going through the jury questioning, no one ever mentioned or made a reference to the Steve Miller band. It must have come out during the trial, but I can't imagine his being in the band or being a State Fair cookie baking champion would have been relevant to the facts of the case. I wonder if that claim to fame is even true!

  3. SFChick74

    >I just looked on the wikipedia entry for Steve Miller Band and no Danny Hughes was listed under former members, so unless the guy went by a different name…

    However, as we all know the integrity of a wikipedia entry should always be taken with a grain of salt…

    Very interesting!


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2 thoughts on “>Just in case you were wondering…

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