>I still won’t hike

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>For most of my life, people have been extolling the virtues of the outdoors. I have almost never agreed with them. Sure fresh air is nice, for about 10 minutes max. Same thing with sunshine, more than 10 minutes of exposure and my pale skin starts to fry like Nosferatu. Then there are bugs…bugs! Why would I want to be anywhere those suckers live? Not to mention the other critters who come out with the temperature is just right…you know like rattlesnakes for instance.

Regardless of the obvious discomfort I’ve always found outside, there is also the ever present issue of boredom. Hiking seems pointless. Riding a bike is useless. If it’s too far to walk, I might as well get in the car.

Needless to say, I’m “indoorsy.” While the majority of people will cringe when they read that, I say I’m happy to be comfortable. However, this weekend, I realized that some comfort can be had outdoors with the right furniture. I’ve never really been a lounger fan. I’ve always been partial to couches. Couches offer you a choice…sitting or laying down. You don’t have to be trapped into one or the other…I’m looking at you chair.

My sister got some outdoor living space furniture for Mother’s Day. Wow. I just love it. It’s hella comfy. This is what the outdoors has been missing. Forget what you know about lawn chairs and crap like that, it’s completely lame in the face of this design.

Now I can sit out on her deck ON A COUCH.  That’s right, every Sunday you can find me sitting outside on a faux wicker squarish couch with a glass of wine (in the shade), listening to some lilting music while I surf the web and chat with various family members. Who needs to go on vacation? I can relax right here in Sacramento when the weather is right! And if I have enough wine to mellow me, I can even hike up the levy in my sister’s backyard and take a gander at the American River for a few minutes to soak in its beauty.

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