>Grubwithus? Why not?

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>You know how they say you should do something that scares you every day? Well, in an effort to break out of my comfort zone and talk to random strangers, I signed up for a Grubwithus meal.

What is Grubwithus? As far as I can tell, it’s a social media site that allows people to have fixed price meals at restaurants. You have to get a minimum number of people to go before the restaurant & menu is revealed. Members of the site set up the meals. You pick the date and time, invite people and then Grubwithus sets the restaurant.

OK, I knew a few of the people who signed up for the meal, but the purpose behind it was to meet new and interesting people. It’s kind of a fun idea. I always want to meet people in real life, but I don’t want to have to set up an entire event. Plus, the pricing of the meals seems fairly reasonable. Also, the sooner you commit to a meal, the cheaper your price.

There is still room and time to sign up for next week’s meal at the Porch. I’m kind of excited because I’ve heard good things about that restaurant and have been wanting to try it.

Don’t be afraid! Do something nice for yourself. Was that too sales-y? Sorry. I’ve been working too much lately. I’ve got pitchman on the brain. That just might be a real psychological state…HerbTarlek-itis

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