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>I used to love to go grocery shopping, until I moved to East Sacramento.  In the Bay Area, I wandered the aisles of Lucky until Albertson’s ruined them.  I even attempted that online grocery shopping thing, but it wasn’t as satisfying.  Then of course there was Lunardi’s and Nob Hill Foods.  Both too fancy for day to day grocery shopping, but fun to look at their delis. 

As a neighborhood, East Sacramento is almost perfect.  You get the feeling of the suburbs with the mid-century houses, plentiful parking (unless your business is on J Street) and big old trees to shade you during the scorching summer months.  Add to that most people live within walking distance of some kind of restaurant, cafe, yogurt shop or store.  It really is great, unless you want to go to a grocery store.  I’ve mentioned my grocery store woes before, but it really needs to be addressed by someone who can change things and soon.  So whoever you are, listen up!

While some people were sad that Corti Brothers almost had to close a couple of years ago, I was one of the few who were rejoicing.  Yes, I admit it, but hear me out.  I was really hoping a decent grocery store would replace it.  Let’s look at the options currently available:

Safeway: Now, I have loved Safeway since the late 80s.  The one nearest Sac State is just too damn small.  They either need to annex the tiny CVS next door and make it a grown up size store or just forget the whole thing.  The one on Alhambra is overrun with scary people.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I’ve been there once in my life and didn’t feel comfortable browsing the aisles for fear someone might mug me.

Savemart: Really?  Are you even trying anymore, Savemart?  The one on Fulton is so old it looks like it’s about to collapse from functional obsolescence.  The people who work there are nice, but is there ever a time when the shelves aren’t being stocked or need to be stocked? And why in the hell do you take away the stuff I buy?  Why must the brands come and go?

Corti Brothers: While a great place to get meat and random items for a special dinner, it’s not a place I’d frequent on a regular basis. 

Good Eats: Does anyone remember that this place even exists?  Seriously, I can only think of one person I know in real life who has been there and everyone else seems to think it hasn’t been getting very good reviews.  Is this place even really a grocery store?  I think Target is more of a grocery store now.

Did I forget anything?  There has to be some where a fabulous new store can open.  Preferably something from the Raleys/Bel Air family of stores.  Heck a Nugget would be nice too even though they can sometimes be a little fancy for me.

2 thoughts on “>East Sacramento: Grocery Challenge

  1. will

    >You missed Trader Joe's! It irritates the neighbors with traffic and obnoxious parking, but it’s a fun grocery store.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >You are right, Will. I hardly ever go to Trader Joe's since the parking is such a nightmare. Seriously, how did they get away with that low parking ratio? It's just awful.

    Plus, it kind of falls into the Corti Brothers category. It's not exactly a place I'd frequent to get staples, but a place to get out of the ordinary stuff.


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