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>One of the gals I follow on Twitter, mentioned that she got a letter from the County saying that she could opt out of the yard waste container program.  I am of two minds about this development. 

One of the many odd things about Sacramento, the older parts at least, is the yard waste situation.  My friend, Rudy said it best when he came to visit me last fall, “Why is there so much trash in the street?!  There are piles everywhere!”  Because we have so many freaking trees, which are lovely in the summer and beautiful in the fall, the dead leaves get out of control from October to December. 

Having to dump the gallons upon gallons of rotting leaves (of which I am allergic) as well as the usual grass clippings into a container doesn’t sound smart.  Other parts of Sacramento seem to be doing OK with it, but I really don’t want to have to drag another container out to the curb once a week. 

The Bay Area driver in me used to rail against the numerous piles of grass clippings and brilliantly colored leaves, but since I’m lazy, I’d rather that the gardeners just dump the stuff in the gutters.  That is until I have to park somewhere with a plethora of piles, and then I’ll get pissy again.

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