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Sacramento, I need your help. What’s the best neighborhood to live in that isn’t home to the 1%?

One of my goals this year is to purchase a home. Well, technically, I’m looking at condos, but I will be living in it for at least 2 years. I’m still in the preliminary research stage. My purchase will become a rental investment in the long run, so I’m looking for a neighborhood in the greater Sacramento County area that will attract a decent pool of tenants. I’m thinking some place that is low crime and with good schools.

Of course, I’m getting overwhelmed in my research. I have no idea where to start. Various websites tell me what places are for sale and tell me some stuff about schools, but what I really need is feedback from people who live in the various neighborhoods.

I’ve driven around Natomas, and is it just me or is that place getting scary?

Fair Oaks and Carmichael seem like decent places, but they are sort of far from my work and freeways. I’m spoiled. I like living in the same city in which I work.

West Sacramento seems like a viable option. Close to downtown, prices are right and it seems fairly safe.

Am I overlooking an area? Is there a quaint neighborhood with good public schools I just didn’t consider?

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