Batten down the hatches or just get an umbrella?

Apparently, it’s finally going to rain in Sacramento and the media is slightly panicking.. For the past three days I’ve been reading about flood warnings and something called an atmospheric river.  While I’m the first to evacuate when the authorities tell me to, I’m also skeptical of these warnings.  They are pretty widespread.  Do I need to do anything or is the rain going to hit up in the hills or north of here?

I suppose it’s moot anyway.  What the hell would I do besides flee? If the rain is anything like that awful storm back in 2008, all I can do is cower.  My stuff should be OK. My office, my bedroom and my storage unit are all above the first floor, so unless a levee breaks and massive flooding ensues, I should be fine.

The only real shitty thing that is likely to happen is that the power could go out for a while. Do I know where a flashlight is??? Nope. I do have candles though and wine.  At least I’ll be warm and sleepy.

Oh crap. I forgot about the situation with the leaves.  Those damn things are everywhere and probably going to block up the gutters.  Hello, urban flooding!  Trying to navigate my Beetle around flooded streets is always fun.  The sudden realization that my path is blocked by water and that going around it is not an option…always something to anticipate with joy!

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