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>The next time I do find myself in a long term relationship or even if I’ve just been dating a guy for over a couple of months, would you please do me a favor and tell me if you know he’s cheating on me?

I just got back from a party wherein a wife supposedly didn’t know that her husband had cheated on her. Apparently, most people at the party seemed to know. It’s a good thing I didn’t know until after I’d left. I might have said something rude to the dude.

How awful will that woman feel when she does find out that her husband has cheated on her and that everyone knew about it, except her? Maybe she does know about it and is in denial, I’ve just heard it as a rumor. Either way, it totally sucks and this is why I don’t want to know these things. I feel awful for that woman.

I can’t understand why people cheat. Why get married if you don’t want to stop dating?

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  1. Peeved Michelle

    >I will absolutely tell anyone that their is a cheater if I know. Do unto others and all that. I actually did tell a friend right after college. I only had suspicions, so I told her everything I had observed. She had suspicions, too, so she confronted her husband. Dumbass asked, "How did you find out?"

  2. Peeved Michelle

    >My mom said about my step-sister, "She better not be leaving her husband just to go out with some guy from work. That isn't a good enough reason." I said, "Wanting to date someone else is a great reason to leave your husband." It's better than doing things in the opposite order.


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