>You Gotta Be Kidding Me

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>Little things are annoying me today.  My day starts off with the thermometer sensor thingy being snapped off the bottom of my car.   Now I don’t know how hot it is outside.

Whoever designed the curbs in East Sacramento was clearly working for an automobile manufacturer.  They are so freaking high that my Beetle bottoms out every damn time I don’t back it out and precisely the correct angle.

I’m pretty sure it would take a team of MIT mathematicians (Good Will Hunting not included) to calculate the exact angle.  Not only would they have to know the grade of the curb, but they would have to account for the random bicyclist clad a la Lance Armstrong who doesn’t know that he has to adhere to the law just like an automobile.  Did I mention the self-centered drivers who don’t care that there are rules to the road or physics for that matter?

Of course replacing this $35 part will probably cost $500 if I take it to the dealership.  Because you know, I’m made of money…For now, I’m hoping the cheap plastic part didn’t play some crucial role in the regular operation of the car.  I’ll be driving on a wing and a prayer for the next few months.

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