>You don’t even know you do this, do you?

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>Women, would you please do me a favor? Stop giving your husbands and boyfriends a round of applause for behaving like an adult.

I’m sick and tired of reading shit on Facebook like “My husband watched the kids for an hour and cleaned the dishes, so I could nap because I was up all night with the little one. He’s so great!”

Um. What?

Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? I mean he’s not an idiot, right? He’s not an invalid? He’s got all his appendages? He’s ambulatory? Why is this such a feat? Does anyone make signs and cheer you on when you put oil in the car?

I did that yesterday and no one gave me a standing ovation. Nor would I expect one. I’m an adult.

Seriously, what is wrong with you? You are acting like some housewife from 1975. Men in this day and age are fully capable of doing chores once relegated to women only. In fact, men have been living outside their mother’s grasp and taking care of themselves as adults for a while before they get married. Doing dishes or vacuuming is not a task that requires you to congratulate him. He’s not 5 years old. He probably did that before he met you and didn’t need positive reinforcement to do it.

Also, didn’t he father those kids? How can you watch your own kids? Isn’t that required by law? Isn’t that a given? Are you watching the kids when he’s busy?

I’m just tired of women in my generation perpetuating stereotypes I had hoped were dead.

9 thoughts on “>You don’t even know you do this, do you?

  1. undercover caterer

    >I am so with you on this one. What also unnerves me is having to ask the dude to 'babysit' his own offspring. WTF?

  2. Kate the Peon

    >I don't thank my boyfriend for doing the dishes. He lives here too. I thank him for cleaning up my mess and for taking the trash out when it's gross out, but doing things on the daily? I appreciate it, but I don't call it out.

  3. Ms. Chick

    >That's because you are sane, Kate. 🙂

    I just get appalled at how many women I grew up with or know who act like men doing anything domestic is worthy of being pointed out.

    Thank goodness there are a few women out there who feel like I do.

    Just from a logical standpoint, men can't babysit their own children. Babysitting is done by someone who isn't the parent or legal guardian.

  4. JustinLL

    >Oh, I'm willing to wager they don't post that stuff to facebook for the sake of their husbands' egos, but rather for all their female followers (to make them envious or jealous).

    And the ones who are really empty on the inside are posting it for themselves.

  5. Ms. Chick

    >Justin – You are probably right. There is probably a little bit of "look how great my life is" crap going on there. Which usually means they are miserable.

  6. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    >You know this is because we now live in a time when "everyone gets a trophy", right?

    Cool post, Amy. 🙂

  7. Kimberly A. Morales

    >Can I get an AMEN!!!!!! This is something I've wondered for years… glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way! Great post, Amy. 🙂

  8. Moxie

    >Yes, yes and YES. Giles would completely agree with you on this one, too. I am also not a fan of the to-do list posts. Am I supposed to applaud you for having a busy day? Commiserate over your taxing load of tasks? Get over yourself. We all have shit to do.

  9. JustinLL

    >I never know if the challenge here is to find people on the Internet with whom to agree or disagree. Either way, I suppose I enjoy it.


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