>Why do I even care?

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>Someone in my neighborhood is a jackass. I don’t know if it’s just one person who regularly visits someone else on Thursdays or if it’s multiple jackasses acting in the same idiotic manner.

I had suspected that the garbage collectors were the culprits of this weekly annoyance I am greeted to on Thursday evenings, but I saw one of them come by before I went to work and they put the can back almost exactly as they had picked it up.

Every Thursday is garbage day, so every morning, my cans are sitting in front of my house adjacent to my driveway in the street as per everyone else on the block. Today when I got home from work, the cans were smack dab in the middle of my driveway. I could barely wedge my car into the driveway.

Is it so much to ask Sacramentans to learn how to park their cars? There is a TON of parking in my neighborhood, why is my house so special? It must be everyone’s obsession with shade. I have a large tree in my front yard that creates a huge shadow on the street. The problem with that reasoning is that this weird preoccupation with parking in front of my house occurs in the winter.

I have a good 15 – 20 foot curb line worth of parking in front of my house. I’m bad at guessing distances, but I know it’s two cars worth at least. Why is it so difficult to park behind my damn garbage cans? I just hope whoever is moving the cans is suffering from some odd bacterial infection. Nothing dangerous, just something as annoying as I feel when I come home to my driveway being blocked!

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