>Who’s the biggest dumbass?

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>The NFL is really starting to piss me off. I just read this article about the Plaxico Burress incident and might stop watching pro-football altogether.

They stalled a police investigation!?! Seriously? Newsflash! That in itself is a crime. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that the league doesn’t give a shit about the rules of our society. They turn their heads and let convicted felons play. How many young boys aspire to be an NFL player? At some level, these guys are role models for children.

While I understand that there are bad people in all kinds of jobs, most of them seem to lose that job once they get in trouble with the law. What this behavior says to me is that the National Football League is interested in making a buck at any cost. Convicted of drug trafficking? Killed someone while drinking and driving? As long as you can make a tackle or catch the football when told to, they’ll pay you millions of dollars! Heck, they’ll even take care of you should the police come calling about that silly incident that happened Saturday before the big game.

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