>Well, that’s just great!

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>As if I don’t already have enough to deal with, the damn oil companies have found yet another way to screw us all:

BP said Monday it discovered corrosion so severe that it will have to replace 16 miles of pipeline at the huge Prudhoe Bay oil field — work that could shut down the nation’s single biggest source of domestic crude for months and drive gasoline prices even higher.

But, wait…it gets even better! Bring on Mad Max! Oh wait, he’s in rehab.

Oil prices climbed more than $2 a barrel on the news, and gasoline futures rose, too. The West Coast is expected to be squeezed particularly hard, and the government is considering releasing oil from its emergency stockpile to ease the crunch.

What the hell! I’m officially not driving anywhere except work and home. I’ll become a hermit in order to save money. I just don’t know what else to do! I guess I could walk, but that’s just crazy.


BP discovered corrosion in the transit lines only after the U.S. Transportation Department ordered their inspection following a spill of up to 270,000 gallons in March. It was the biggest spill in North Slope history, and has become part of a criminal investigation into the company’s Alaskan operations.

Finally! How long does it take for people to see the God damn obvious? Could we expand the investigation to include ALL of the company’s operations?

What’s even better, is that this is something that should alarm everyone, especially here in California, and yet, no one at work even mentioned the fact that this happened, much less the type of impact it will have on our lives. I wish I could be blissfully ignorant like them instead of angrily aware.

2 thoughts on “>Well, that’s just great!

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