>The universe has a funny way of listening to me.

>As you know, I’ve been complaining about the state of grocery stores in East Sacramento since I pretty much moved to the area. For what is seemingly a middle to upper middle class demographic, we have crappy choices available to us. My sister suggested to me that a good place for a new grocery store would be where the old Cadillac dealership used to be on the corner of Fair Oaks & Howe. Brilliant! She even contacted Nugget to suggest it to them only to be told that they weren’t seeking to open new stores.

Well apparently WalMart was listening. Yes, you heard it, WALMART. According to this article in the Sacramento Bee, they are in escrow to buy the place and put one of their “snazzy” market stores there. Well, let me be the first to say, OH HELL NO.

WalMart is not welcome in my neighborhood. I’ve not liked that company for years. Aside from the track record of being sued by employees, their target demographic is pretty much nonexistent in the area and I personally don’t want something that will bring them here. Call me a snob, but you know you were thinking it too.

Plus the last time I was tricked into going into a WalMart, I was not impressed by the quality of goods on sale.

What can I do? I’m going to let all of my neighbors know what’s going on, so they can get pissed off just like me. I’ll encourage people NOT to shop there. Peer pressure is effective on adults, too.

Seriously, didn’t the folks advising them on the purchase point out the fact that people in the neighborhood might not be too happy with their presence? And I’m not talking about retailers like Safeway or Savemart… Granted, they’re probably used to being the big bad wolf by now.

OK, maybe that isn’t TECHNICALLY East Sacramento. I think they call it Campus Commons, but it’s still too close for comfort. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed in the Nugget and Raleys. You guys really missed the boat on that opportunity.

So, what’s the over/under on the WalMart cops coming after me because I just exercised my First Amendment right to my opinion?  I feel like Dr. Johnny Fever when he thought the phone cops were after him.

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