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>So, the NCAA said that Arco Arena is unsuitable for its use. Specifically, how is it unsuitable? (God forbid one of the local news outlets should ask that question. I forgot that they don’t have enough money for real journalism. Silly me!)

Sorry, but I’m not going to take whatever Kevin Johnson or any other “local official” says at face value. I need to know why it’s a bad arena. People can say whatever they want, but I want proof to back up such a claim. Present your evidence to back up your argument. Saying something is crappy is not evidence. It’s an opinion.

Let me ask YET AGAIN a question of these people who want to put an arena at Cal Expo. How in the hell could it be economically feasible to upgrade the infrastructure needed to support an arena at that site? Hop on the Capital City freeway during the hours of 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm during the work week and tell me what the traffic is like. The traffic will be WORSE during an event at the arena these people keep fantasizing about. Why am I the only one who questions this stuff?

And don’t even get me started on the other crap they want to develop over there. Not only is the commercial real estate market in the shitter, but you wouldn’t catch me in that neighborhood after dark seeing as how I value my personal safety. I work in the area and unless you want to have you car stolen or broken into, you don’t leave it there overnight.

I will only say this about the issue of the city, county or state funding such a hot mess. If it’s such a smart business decision to put an arena at Cal Expo, one shouldn’t need any financial assistance from a municipality or other governmental entity.

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