Things are getting crazy or is it just me?

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It’s that time of year again. Football has begun. The daylight is getting shorter. Mornings are getting darker. Kids are going back to school.

What I can never understand is why this phenomenon effects traffic. Where the hell was everyone for the last three months? Surely there cannot be that many teenagers out at 5 PM.

So, why am I stuck in heavy traffic from the end of August to what feels like the beginning of January? What happens in January? Do I just go into some kind of fugue state where I don’t even know what’s going on around me and traffic is still bad until the end of May?

Crazy Street (Google Image)

Why I try to understand traffic patterns is beyond me. There is no answer and yet I must try to figure it out. Sure there is probably some method to the madness, but it’s probably really stupid.

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