Tis the season, apparently.

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Sacramento, what the hell? On my way home from work today, I saw 9 people run red lights. That was only in a 20 minute span of time! I would like to go an entire week, nay, an entire day when I don’t see someone run a red light.

It’s ridiculous! What is wrong with you people? Are you idiots or assholes? Since I am not in your car and cannot determine whether or not your actions stem from stupid mixed with ego or just plain stupid, I have to assume you are all idiots. You know there is a fine line between idiots and assholes, right? Idiots don’t realize they are being stupid. Assholes know it and don’t give a shit.

Then on the other side of the driving spectrum…we have these people. My mom summed it up nicely, “Minnesota Nice? We have California Stupid.”

These are the people who are “nice” to other drivers while at the same time being totally rude to others without realizing it. Here’s the thing, unless the words “Keep Clear” are written on the street, not by roving graffiti artists, but at the direction of a municipality, you don’t have to keep the area on the street in front of a driveway clear!!! Traffic is supposed to flow, not stop because your manners randomly kick in for no reason.

You might think you are being nice to the person who wants to turn left from the Howe ‘Bout Arden shopping center on to Arden Way, but you are being rude to the 10 cars waiting to make the green light behind you!

I swear this early darkness makes people nuts. They lose their minds because the dark scares them. Just calm down and drive. I might just have to start handing out driver’s ed pamphlets to random strangers to ensure my own person safety.

4 thoughts on “Tis the season, apparently.

  1. Paul

    Minnesota nice is a myth, our drivers are equally stupid and asshole-ish as yours.

    I contend that colder temperatures are prompting more drivers to stick their heads up their asses to stay warm, so they are unable to see when they are driving.

  2. Veruca

    THANK YOU! The “nice” person that STOPS to let someone out of a shopping center is just as guilty of idiocy as someone cutting you off or running a red light.

    It is one thing if the light is red, and you are leaving room to let someone pull out of a driveway, but when traffic is flowing and you stop- you deserve to be rear-ended, just hopefully not by me.

    My all time favorite was the person in front of me stopping on a green light to give the panhandler money. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Oh, and I give you one guess as who missed the green light…

    1. MsChick74 Post author

      I hate that too! Dude, it’s nice that you want to help out the homeless guy, but you are being a total jerk to the people behind you if you make them miss the light!


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