Things that confuse me: The drug edition

Can I ask a favor of scientists & pharmaceutical companies? Stop focusing your efforts on hair loss and male enhancement and work on a drug that decongests my sinuses without losing my sense of smell or giving me heart palpitations!

I mean we live in a world where a man can look at live video from another planet and yet I still have to blow my nose 100 times a day because there’s nothing I can do to shrink my sinus passages without doing harm to other parts of my body.

OK, so you aren’t going to give us a flying car. I can live with that. Most people can’t handle the cars on the ground. Put them in the air? Well I guess it might thin the herd a bit and free us up of the burden of the perpetually stupid.

Seriously, there’s no reason I should suffer this way. I mean isn’t there something you can do about this on the molecular level and not have a laundry list of side effects worse than the ailment being treated?

“Sure I can breathe freely, but now I have anal leakage.” Yeah. No thanks. The liabilities outweigh the assets there. I’ll just keep my nose chapped instead. That’s less gross and embarrassing.

1 thought on “Things that confuse me: The drug edition

  1. Moxie

    Two words for you: neti pot. All natural, feels a little weird, looks even weirder, but it works wonders. That’s the only thing I use now to deal with allergies and sinus gunk. And tissues, too, of course.


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