>Thank you, moron.

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>On my way home last night, I was almost killed or at least severely wounded, by two idiots.

At one intersection, I had a green light and the idiot coming from the other direction decided he was going to turn left in front of me even though I was going straight. My stupid horn did a double honk that sounded more friendly than angry.

At the next intersection, not a block away from the first incident, another idiot did the exact same thing and turned left in front of me, but came closer to impact than the first idiot. This time the horn was as angry as I felt.

A note to all the drivers in Sacramento: If you are turning left at an intersection you ALWAYS YIELD to oncoming traffic. I thought you learned this in driver’s ed, but since you clearly have the IQ of a walnut (apologies to any walnuts), you must be reminded of this basic rule of the road not to mention COMMON SENSE.

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  1. Mara

    >Crazy!!! My brother used to date a girl from back east, and she would always pull out ahead of the oncoming traffic for her left turns because everybody did it back home and “that’s just what you have to do if you want to make a left turn.” Retarded transplants perhaps?


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