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>Do you know anyone who likes the smell of cooking seafood?  If you do then they must be psycho.  Sorry, but…gross.

Whenever someone microwaves that crap in my office, I want to throw up.  Honestly, I cannot fathom enjoying a morsel of food that stinks.  Isn’t taste greatly influenced by what you smell?  Not only that, I don’t want that stench sticking to my person! 

OK, I can understand if you are stuck on a deserted island in the Pacific and your only means of sustenance are the creepy crawlies on the shore and the squirmy fishes in the shallows. It’s about survival in that case, but why bother with that crap when there is perfectly wonderful smelling beef or poultry to be had?  Sure some people force it down their gullets in an attempt to be healthy, but there are still better smelling healthy alternatives.

1 thought on “>Stink-ola!

  1. Evil

    >I'm ok with seafood cooking on the stove…but the microwave is a no go. My boss once came into the lunch room and put a packet of tuna in the microwave and I had to leave the room, it was downright oppressive.


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