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>Entry #234

Why do I have to put the seat down?

I have an answer to the whole seat up/down toilet situation.

Shut the damn lid.

Seriously, no one wants to look into the yawning mouth of the porcelain god.  Plus, then both sexes have to perform a task before conducting business.

Ever dropped something into the toilet?  That wouldn’t happen if you had shut the lid!  I probably would have gone through 5 hairdryers this year if the toilet was open for business when it wasn’t necessary.

Also, what’s with the dropping of the lid?  How hard is it to just set the thing down?  Honestly, I can’t drop it on purpose.  It’s an unconscious action to close the lid.

Create the habit of closing the lid and avoid dumb arguments.

1 thought on “>Shut it, you!

  1. JustinLL

    >Oh, I can't stand when people don't put the lid down. I picked this habit up when I had roommates in college. It helped to trap the odor since not everyone was interested in doing his fair share of cleaning.


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