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>My DSL has been spotty for the last week or so. Then on Saturday it died completely. After playing phone tag with Ma Bell for a good two hours, they tell me the a) it’s probably the modem and b) no one can get to my house until Wednesday to make sure.

To add insult to injury, they tell me that even though I have the wire protection insurance crap, it will probably still cost me $60 if it is a faulty modem.

Mind you, this is after I went through the “Did you reset the modem or move any wireless phones away from it?” crap that most of the rest of the population needs to hear. They really need to have a tech support hotline for those who know enough about technology to have jumped through the obligatory hoops of resetting the damn machine.

Anyway, I scheduled the damn visit, but set about trying to get new service. I have the slowest possible speed for DSL. It’s one step above dial up. So, I figured this would be a good time to switch providers…that is if they could get out to my house before Wednesday.

Surewest, not only is the company expensive, they also had serious attitude on the phone. Plus, they couldn’t get out until the middle of next week…a week later than AT&T.

Comcast was friendly and could come out the next day. Awesome! The guy shows up in the two hour window (not the 8 hour window compliments of Ma Bell). Of course, nothing stays simple. The damn trees are in the way of the cable line. Now I have to get permission from my landlord to trim the trees.

While I was heading to the backyard, a freaking yellow jacket bit me! Maybe that’s a sign to just suck it up and buy a new modem.

How am I posting this? Well I shut the damn modem off overnight. Out of morbid curiousity, I plugged it back in and all the lights came up. Apparently, that worked for the time being.

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