>Relationship Expert? I Doubt It

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>Could someone explain that eHarmony shit to me? I admit that in a moment of weakness I fell for those lame commercials. I went online and did the personality quiz. Apparently, the men in my area don’t fall for that commercial because I only got 5 hits on the first day. All of whom summarily rejected me. I reasoned that maybe they were on for a while and already have something going on. Plus, I actually rejected one for being a Jesus freak. Sorry, not into that.

So, today I log on and check out the search results. There are 6 more guys, of which two are Jesus freaks. What the hell? I must have answered the quiz incorrectly because I really don’t want a guy who constantly is telling people about his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “>Relationship Expert? I Doubt It

  1. SFChick74

    >Thanks for the information. I had absolutely no clue. I did a little research via google and on their own website it says that they are affiliated with those nutjobs. I even saw another website advertising eHarmony as a “Christian” singles website.

    Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription. Although, I could have had some fun messing with them. They’d probably just burn me at the stake or something.

  2. indygirl

    >I think it’s best you get away now before any of them have your email addy… *shudder* ugh, Christians. lol


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