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Sacramento, will you please do me a favor? Honk at red light runners. Obviously the possibility of a stiff fine won’t deter most people, so we’ve got to resort to peer pressure. Hardly anyone in this town honks. I drove home one night and saw 5 different people run red lights at 4 different intersections. Not one person honked at them. It takes a village to prevent people from acting like idiots and possibly hurting innocent people.

Here’s the thing, if you run a red light, you are a jerk. My horn is a jerk alert for you and everyone within earshot. Are you embarrassed? Good. You should be. Maybe if you pay attention to what you’re doing in the car instead of driving like a zombie or chatting on your phone, you wouldn’t be a jerk.

Over the past 5 years, I have seen more people run red lights in Sacramento than I ever have in the 20 years I’ve been driving…and 10 of those were in the Bay Area! Sacramento, you really need to check yourself before you crash into me or one of my friends/family.

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