Public shaming in a public restroom

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mobile phone on tableWhat the hell is wrong with people? Twice today…TWICE…when I was in the restroom, I heard a woman in the stall next to me talking ON THE PHONE!

I’m sure the person on the other end thoroughly enjoyed the sound of her urination and the flush of the toilet thereafter.

The sad part? This isn’t the first time I heard someone in that restroom on the phone.  I’m guessing it’s the same woman, but maybe it’s not.  Maybe this behavior is so wide spread and common that three separate women were chatting while relieving themselves.

Sanitary issues aside, it’s just rude.  Plus, YOU ARE NOT THAT BUSY. Hang up, put the phone in your pocket or purse and do your business in private.

The person on the other end of the phone might be too afraid or appalled to tell you this, but that’s disgusting. If it can be helped, no one wants to hear your bodily functions.

Let it be known, if I am talking to someone on the phone and I hear the sound of urination or a toilet flushing, I will gasp in disgust and hang up on you.

This behavior is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. Have some class and think about someone else for a moment. Do you want to hear your boss dropping a load in the toilet or taking a piss while discussing TPS reports? Do you think your sister wants to hear the flush of a toilet while you discuss her Percocet prescription?

The fact that an adult doesn’t inherently worry about something like that confounds me.  Didn’t your parents raise you better than that??

Gross. I’m also not even sure that woman (or women) washed their hands.

3 thoughts on “Public shaming in a public restroom

  1. Vanessa

    I have yet to experience a woman doing this in a public restroom, but I cannot imagine what would possess somebody to do that! People talking in general while they are in stalls weird me out already…

  2. Linda

    I’ve heard worse. I have heard someone have an entire phone convo while going #2 (very loudly) without a single pause. I was grossed out beyond words. I wondered if the person on the other end even knew.


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