>A Plea to Drivers in Sacramento

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>There is this feature on your vehicles that you rarely use. It’s located somewhere on your steering wheel. You are supposed to use this device to alert other drivers when they slip up and don’t follow the rules of the road.

For example, when the frustrated consumers are antsy to get to Arden Fair Mall because they have waited what seems like an eternity to turn left usually because the person first in line is too busy fiddling with their mobile phone or talking to their passengers and then the rest of the line of cars continues WELL PAST the yellow light, those whose turn it is to go as indicated by the green light are required by common sense to lay on the horn in order to gently remind the forgetful of the agreed upon rules.

When I screw up while driving (as we all have done and will do), I fully expect whomever is around and in a position to inform me of my mistake to use the horn as needed.

2 thoughts on “>A Plea to Drivers in Sacramento

  1. caw

    >Hear! Hear! You know why I don’t always dart off the line when my light goes green? Because there is nearly always some jerk who has run a red light, who goes sailing thru the intersection, many seconds after my light has gone green.
    People in this city can’t drive for shit.

  2. SFChick74

    >You know with all the cameras at intersections now you would think people would be a bit more cautious about running reds.


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