Online Dating Chronicles: You Make The Call


There’s been something that’s been bugging me these last two weeks. Being that I was treated to rude and cowardly behavior by the last guy I dated, I feel as though I should call him on it. Send him a message that says while I can understand and accept the fact that he doesn’t want to date me, what I can’t understand or accept is the manner in which I was dumped.

Basically, I want to call him on his behavior. Let him know that there was no indication that he would be such a total asshole to me and that the next woman he dates should be treated better when he decides to end the relationship.

Or, do I take the high road and let karma bite him in the balls? Hope that some how the cowardly energy he put out into the universe comes back to haunt him. That the next chick he dates is a total psycho, treats him like shit and makes him walk her stupid little dog.

4 thoughts on “Online Dating Chronicles: You Make The Call

  1. PFritz21

    >I constantly face this situation as well. Although I want to attack the subject, I'm probably better off waiting for karma to resolve the issue.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >You are right. All I know is that if any of my friends or acquaintances pull that disappearing shit on someone, I'm totally calling them on it. It's not cool.


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