>Online Dating Chronicles: Rejection incarnate


A guy winks at me.

I email him.


What the?

Thanks for wasting my time, bozo.

Oh yeah and to those guys that have “daddy” or any variation thereof in their screen names? Ew. Sane women are totally turned off by that. Yes, you might actually be a father to a child, but putting such in your screen name is a bad idea. Also, DO NOT wink and then email me then wink at me AGAIN. I sent this guy a “Thanks, but no thanks” message after the email and before the 2nd wink.

Stats for the past three days:

  • Initial Emails Sent: 3
  • Replies Received: 1
  • Winks Received: 3
  • Initial Emails Received: 1
  • Views: 29

Did I mention the one and only reply I received was a “I’m taking a break from dating” answer? Seriously? Just do me the courtesy of saying Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need a customized blow off reply. Match has those answers built into the system. This is way better than being lied to…

How do I know he’s lying? HE’S STILL ON THE SITE! Lame dude. Sacramento is such a small metro area. Odds are pretty good we might run into each other at some point. I’m not pissed off that he’s not interested. I’m pissed off because either he’s wasted my time by not hiding his profile or he lied to me. Even radio silence is classier than a lie.

I’m also frustrated with people telling me that dating is all about taking advantage of opportunities. Really? Thanks for the news there, captain obvious. You know why dating is so frustrating for me? I have had plenty of opportunities, but the majority of men don’t want me. I’ve heard ALL the excuses, but it always boils down to that it’s me.

It’s that like Jerry Seinfeld said, 95% of the population is undateable. I just need to remind myself of that because it goes both ways. Of course, how and why other people hook up is a complete mystery to me. Maybe they are all miserable and just settle. That would explain the plethora of “take my wife, please!” jokes on Twitter. Henny Youngman doesn’t even think those are funny anymore.

And the next person that tells me that EVERYONE is afraid of rejection gets a kick in the shins. So, how is it that most people are in fact married and/or in a relationship? At some point someone overcame their fear of rejection. Why does it ALWAYS have to be me?!? I’m ALWAYS rejected and yet I soldier on looking for a man. Yes, rejection sucks, but you know what’s worse? Being alone.

2 thoughts on “>Online Dating Chronicles: Rejection incarnate

  1. No Ordinary Day

    >Online dating sucks! So sorry to hear about your experiences.

    What ever happened to the art of introductions? You know, where families and friends would screen single prospects then introduce them to you? Does anyone do that anymore? I'm not talking about an "arranged marriage" — just people, families and communities participating in the connecting of single people. Just like with everything else, it should "take a village" right?

    If no one is volunteering, then I'll start. Will look thru my file of single men and see if there's anyone suitable for you 🙂

  2. Ms. Chick

    >Unfortunately, everyone in my social circles is already hooked up, so the pool of possible connections is dry as a bone.

    My friends & family would love to introduce me to a guy, but they have none from which to chose. So, I take the task upon myself and venture into online dating.

    Being set up is just as challenging as online dating. Getting two people together just because they are single doesn't guarantee a connection will occur, but it is nice to have someone help!


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