Online Dating Chronicles: In your face,!

That’s right folks, the 6 month dating challenge is complete! Can you believe that I met so many guys from that site, Sacramento? Yes, all of ONE.

That’s right ONE.


While this year I’ve gone on a total of four dates with three different guys, I have only gotten two dates with one guy from Match. (I started the clock in March if you are keeping track, which I know you aren’t.)

Today, I sent my fifth and final message. So…now I guess I just have to wait until Day 33 (the worst length of a month ever) to I can claim my free subscription because I’m a loser who can’t find a date for Friday night, much less a boyfriend so I can get the hell off any and all dating sites.

But, let’s be honest. It wasn’t free. I shed so many tears in frustration. I spent so much of my free time reading boring profiles and looking at photos of guys at graveyards and carrying guns. I sent so many emails out hoping for a response only to be met with silence. Not to mention the guys who just wanted to chat and not meet in real life that it was more like an awful job than fun.

Maybe I should try to change my mind for the next 6 months of online dating. My heart sinks when I face that reality…the reality that I am still single. It feels like I’ve been doing the same thing over and over and nothing good comes of it.

Why do I continue to hope that anything will change? It never does.

Hopelessness is so very attractive, right guys?

It’s gotten so bad that I see couples on commercials and hate them. I’m jealous of fictional characters!

Relax, I know. I need to relax.

But that societal pressure to not be single is out there…hanging over my head, around my neck like a noose that’s about to be pulled on my 40th birthday.

Because while my libido is at an all time high, for some stupid reason, men want a younger woman, even though I look 10 years younger than my actual age. What a cruel thing nature is…

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