>Online Dating Chronicles: Frustration 2 Electric Bugaloo


Men of the greater Sacramento area: you are on notice. If you should receive a wink from me, it’s because I’m putting as much effort into letting you know I’m interested as you did in writing that cliche ridden profile.

Since I cannot find anything even remotely interesting to distinguish you from the rest of the men on the dating site, I sent you a wink to entice you to talk to me. See, I took the time to try to let my personality shine through in my profile. I wrote things to help you strike up a conversation with you. I didn’t list a bunch of adjectives that my friends would use to describe me. Of course, your friends would use nice words to describe you. That, however, doesn’t tell me about you. That tells me that you think your friends think you are nice.

And that’s nice…but…boring.

You have 30 seconds to reel in a great date and you go with “I’m funny. I’m laid back. I’m easy going. I’m goal oriented.”


Who are you really? Are you a left handed golfer but eat tomato soup with your right hand? Are you fascinated by hurricanes? Do you know the difference between affect and effect?

Put it out there. How are you quirky? Do you still play with Legos? Then again, maybe none of you really know yourself. You need a backpacking trip through Europe to find your true identity.

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