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>For whatever reason, our landlord at work thought it was a good idea to put a glorified day care center upstairs from our office.  So not only do we have to hear the stampede of tiny feet because neglectful parents let their children run down the hallway of an office building, but we also have to put up with the so called teachers who drag their supposed students outside of the designated kiddie corral suite and plop on the staircase to teach them phonics.

Listen, get little Johnny out of my way.  First of all, it’s a fire hazard.  Second of all, the ground is filthy.  Have you seen the people meandering about this neighborhood?  Go to a place where it’s more appropriate to gather publicly like the bench in the lobby or the smoking area.  Plus do you really think it’s helping a tween boy to concentrate on his multiplication tables if a parade of women are walking by him?

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