Minnesota: What Gives?

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harley davidsonMinnesota, I’ve noticed something lately.  You don’t have helmet laws with regards to motorcycles.  It’s odd to see men with naked heads riding around on Harleys and various other makes of “hog” if you will.

I mention men because I haven’t seen any women driving around without helmets.

Regardless, while I’ve never been a fan of “nanny” laws that force people into common sense, I do wish there was a law about these motorcycle folks.  Actually, it should probably apply to anyone who is licensed to drive a motor vehicle.

There should be an auto opt-in on the organ donor program.  Those of you who go sans-helmet, I like to call you all organ donors.  I mean really…you obviously lack the common sense to use a helmet while driving around at speeds in the death range (over 25 miles an hour), so why not do something useful and give those organs to someone who can use them?  Odds are you are going to be done with them pretty soon.

Now, I don’t want to force you to do it, but I think the auto-opt in is a good idea. There’s no quibbling. It’s a default. You can be an asshole who doesn’t want to save a life by opting out, but I don’t recommend it. Unless of course you have some sort of religious reason or would prefer to donate your body to science instead….that would be understandable.

OK, enough of the soapbox.  Let’s talk about the restroom.

Why is it that everywhere I go in this region there are no toilet seat covers?  It doesn’t matter if I’m in a gas station or a class A high rise building.  I have yet to see one.  Maybe this speaks too much about my restroom habits, but have these things been banned from the Midwest or what?  Neither North Dakota nor Minnesota has toilet seat covers! Is it some “green” thing?  Seriously, it might be my germaphobia, but there needs to be a barrier of some type on that seat!

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